Dreaming: A Natural Way to Cope with Stress

Dreaming: A Natural Way to Cope with Stress

Dreaming & Stress 

There is surprisingly little information on why we actually dream. Some experts say are to process emotions, solve problems, or consolidate memories.

Some sleep experts even view dreaming as a therapeutic tool, especially during our deepest sleep stage known as REM. This view on dreaming is highlighted by Matthew Walker, professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Berkeley.

One reason highlighted by Michael J Breus, Ph.D. on why we dream is because it's a natural mechanism to help us deal with stresses and trauma.

If you go about your day and don't take time to reflect and let your mind wander, you likely won't remember them. This is completely normal and favorable for both those who want to recall their dreams and who simply want a better night's sleep by getting more REM sleep.

The benefit of taking NutraDreamTM is that you need to make a conscious effort in order to remember your dreams.

Perhaps you will discover insight from your own dreams. Sweet dreams!

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