The Backstory

Brian Werner smelling rose bush wearing a backpack

It was March of 2020, and my friend and I were laying on a grass field, enjoying the sunshine, wondering what we can do with the extra time we would have due to COVID-19 and not having anymore in-person classes.

Like many students, I was saddened to not be able to attend classes of what I expected to be the most interesting semester of my career as a student.

However, I decided to set my mind on something positive that would not only keep me busy, but benefit many others.

Naturally, I thought about supplements. I've been taking them for years and have always had a fascination for them. Moreover, as more people were getting COVID-19, I knew it was crucial for people to take care of their bodies and overall well-being more than ever before.

At first, I wanted to develop my a supplement for lucid dreaming. I thought some people would also love to experience this phenomenon on a more regular basis (as I've only had one and found it to be very therapeutic).

This was a fun idea, but after talking to friends and family, I decided to start a line of supplements a broader range of people could use and enjoy.

My unique experience as a student led me to determine the specific areas where I (and tons of others) could use a little extra help on a daily basis: focus, stress, and sleep. 

Once I decided to start a collection of supplements that can be taken everyday for them, it was off to the races.

I encountered many speed bumps over the next few months, being as I've never had my own business, wasn't a scientist or some genius inventor. However, I knew it was best to keep persevering with my idea and passion.

Today, I am super excited to connect with you and want to personally welcome you to try our Everyday Collection of supplements.

Support your body, support a small business, and be able to do what you love most.

-Brian Werner, founder


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