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What inspired a college student to start a supplement business?

I was born and raised in The San Francisco Bay Area. From a young age, I was fascinated by natural and herbal supplements and their ability to help me feel better when I was sick, feel less stressed, or whatever health issue I was dealing with.

Fast forward to college. It was March 2020 and I was in my last year at Sonoma State University about to graduate.

One spring day, my friend and I were laying on a grass field when we began talking about the future.

"What are we going to do after graduation? How will COVID-19 affect what we want to do?"

Like many students, I was saddened to not be able to attend in-person classes of the most interesting and important semester of my entire student career.

However, with the extra time and right mindset, I decided to do something positive that would not only keep me busy, but benefit many others.

Naturally, I thought about supplements. I had been taking them for years and have always had a fascination for them. 

As more people were contracting COVID-19, I knew it was crucial for people to take care of their bodies and well-being more than ever before.

At first, I wanted to develop a supplement for lucid dreaming. I thought some people would also love to experience this phenomenon on a more regular basis (as I've only had one and found it to be therapeutic).

This was a fun idea, but after getting feedback from friends and family, I decided to start a line of supplements a broader range of people could use and benefit from.

My experience as a college student helped became the inspiration for the areas where I (and tons of others) could use a little extra help on a daily basis. There were three clear winners that came to my mind: one for focus, stress, and sleep.

Now, it was off to the races.

I encountered many speed bumps over the next few months, being as I've never had my own business, wasn't a scientist or some genius inventor.

However, I knew it was best to keep persevering. I had passion behind this.

Today, I am super excited to connect with you and want to personally invite you to try our supplements.

Support your body, support a small business, and do what you love.

What's important to us

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Holistic Wellness

We belive in prevention, treating the body as a whole, not just the symptoms, to support our overall well-being and help us live our best lives.

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Our future generations should be able to enjoy the same benefits from this planet as we do. We do our part to keep waste to a minimum.

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Focus less on the clutter and distractions in life, and more on what you love. We apply simplicity to our brand, message, and products so your experience with us is enjoyable and seamless.

Why the name "NutraEsse"?

NutraEsse, pronounced /nutra s/, is short for the phrase: the essence of nutrition. We wanted to start a brand that encompassed supplements and everything that supports well-being and feeling healthier.

Thank you for your support

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