Why "NutraEsse"?

The name "NutraEsse" ( pronounced /nutra s/) is derived from the phrase: the essence of nutrition. We wanted to start a brand that encompassed supplements made from vital nutrients as well as everything else that supports a healthy lifestyle.

What we value

Holistic health

We focus on treating the body as a whole, not just on symptoms.Our ingredients are designed to target the possible root cause(s) of issues and work synergistically to support the body's overall functioning.


We want our future generations to enjoy the same amazing benefits from this planet. We do our part to help sustain it using recyclable packaging materials and reducing any unnecessary materials that go into the production of our products.


Our lives are busy enough. We feel overstimulated from the world around us. Take a deep breath. We apply simplicity to all angles of our products and how we operate as a company so you can be less overwhelmed and focus more on what you love.

our story

How NutraEsse Started

Brian Werner, the founder of NutraEsse, was born and raised in The San Francisco Bay Area.

In Brian's senior year at Sonoma State University, he noticed the supplements he was taking, including P5P and magnesium, had an impact on sleep and relaxation, though he was only taking them for general health. Were these ingredients helping sleep or was this simply a coincidence?

To determine this, Brian kept a journal of what days he took these supplements of interest and how they affected sleep the prior night. Interestingly enough, they consistently benefited his sleep.

During Brian's final semester at Sonoma State University, classes were switched to fully virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic. He decided to use this extra time to develop NutraDream and start NutraEsse, especially at a time when being healthy has never been more important.

NutraEsse represents an idea. It has become a vibrant community of individuals who value health and want to exchange knowledge to help feel their best and do what they love.

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Meet the founder