NutraZone™ FAQ

Can you drink coffee/consume caffeine while taking NutraZone?

Yes! You can take NutraZone right along side your daily coffee or even use it in place of caffeine/energy drinks, especially in the afternoon.

Does NutraZone cause jitters or nervousness like caffeine?

Nope! This is what makes NutraZone unique. It's not an energy formula, but rather to help your mind focus without the physical side effects of caffeine.

How many capsules are in a bottle?

90 capsules.

Does NutraZone contain stimulants?

No, NutraZone does not contain any caffeine or other traditional stimulants.

Can you take NutraCalm at the same time as taking NutraZone?

Yes, you may take both of these supplements at the same time, though we recommend spacing them out a couple hours and taking NutraZone in the morning or afternoon.